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Joey Muthengi makes a TV comeback

Media personality Joey Muthengi is back on the screen three years after she left Citizen TV.

The news of her return to TV was shared by her brother, gospel singer Holy Dave, real name David Muthengi.

The former rapper will be hosting The Skin Therapy Show on KTN Home.

“Congratulations to my sister Joey Muthengi! As a fan, I’m happy to see her again on Kenyan TV. Cheers to new beginnings and new opportunities.” he wrote.

Joey has not officially mentioned her new job but going through her social media posts; she has been shooting videos for the show since mid-February.

Joey is a media personality and actress. Her entry into the Kenyan media industry came through being a radio personality on 98.4 Capital FM from 2009-to 2013. She hosted and produced the youth show ”Hits Not Homework”.

From June 2016 to 2018, she was part of the new re-branded ”Daybreak” show, where she co-hosted the daily show with Fred Indimuli and Willis Raburu. She also co-hosted 10 over 10 with Raburu.

About a year after leaving her job at Citizen TV, Joey opened up about her struggle as she had no idea what her next move in her career would be, especially since she had no offers.

“Hey, November! Today marks one year since I left my last job. It was a tough decision. Yet God guided me to the place I am now. Today I am happy, content & know that I am loved,” she tweeted.

She later got a job with Capital FM but left again after about a year. She said the break was important for her mental health.

“I have always talked about the importance of mental health. The other day I tweeted that I was tired. Twitter wasn’t kind about that, but I never regret being open and honest about how I’m feeling. So if I need a break, that’s all that is fam,” she said.