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Joho remains silent as Kenyans demand answers to ferry accident

It is now two days since the tragic events at the Likoni ferry channel where a woman and her daughter drowned in the Indian Ocean after their vehicle slid off a ferry.

And as Kenyans demand for answers, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho appears to be more preoccupied with the month of October.

Governor Joho latest tweet was posted on Tuesday morning wishing his friends a happy new month of October filled with lots of blessings and fulfillment.

“HAPPY October to you all my dear friends. Wish you a happy new month with lots of fulfilments and blessings,” tweeted Governor Joho.

On Monday night, when rescue operations were going on at the channel, Governor Joho was busy watching an English Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

“This man @Aubameyang7 #MUNARS,” Joho tweeted midway through the match after the Gabonese striker levelled the scores for Arsenal.


The match, which was played at Man United’s Old Trafford home turf, ended in a 1-1 draw.

These tweets have puzzled Kenyans who can’t understand Joho’s silence over the tragic incident at the ferry channel.

During the Sunday evening incident, a vehicle carrying 35-year-old Mariam Kigenda with her 4-year-old daughter, Amanda Mutheu, slid off MV Harambee ferry and sunk into the Indian Ocean.

Witnesses at the scene of the accident recounted how they heard Ms Kigenda crying out for help as her car was submerged into the ocean.

By Monday evening, divers from the Kenya Ferry Services hadn’t retrieved the victims’ bodies from the water.