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Joho records statement on ‘armed men around his house’

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has recorded a statement over an incident where six men armed with AK47 rifles allegedly visited his former house in Nyali.

Addressing the media outside Coast regional police headquarters, Mr Joho said the incident could be linked to President Kenyatta’s warning that he would teach him a lesson.

The governor made the complaints to Coast regional police boss Philip Tuimur and Mombasa County police boss Patterson Maelo.

The ODM deputy party leader said police promised to act on his complaints.

But Mr Tuimur later told the Nation Mr Joho should make official complaint to police.


He questioned why Mr Joho raised the issue many hours after it had happened.

But Mr Joho said his neighbour only alerted him at his office at 1.30 pm.

“I found him waiting for me in office,” he said.

Mr Joho said he had asked his neighbour to formally report the incident to police.

The feisty governor who has been at loggerheads with President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto over various issues said the men could have been out to harm him.

They could also have wanted to plant some illegal contraband or firearms in the house that had been pulled down for a makeover.


Mr Joho said the incident was reported to him by his neighbour who saw the armed men and raised alarm.

“They were, however, unshaken and stayed in the house for an hour,” Mr Joho, who was accompanied by MPs Rashid Bedzimba and Badi Twalib, said.

He claimed that the men appeared to be policemen and warned his neighbour to keep off “if he wanted to be alive”.

He said he was, however, unshaken by the incident and would not demand for strengthening of his security “because it’s God who gives life and takes”.

He said he reported the incident to police so that locals could be in the picture in case anything happens to him.

He denied claims that he was full of drama to win sympathy and support.