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Jomo Gecaga hangs out with new girl Lola Hannigan

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal assistant Jomo Gecaga hanged out with former KTN presenter Lola Hannigan over the weekend, amid reports of his breakup with journalist Anne Kiguta.

Jomo and Lola were pictured together during Sunday’s Standard Chartered marathon alongside Jomo’s elder sister Nana Gecaga.

The two were locked in tight embraces during group photos with other dignitaries at the marathon and in the VIP tent.

Lola and Nana have enjoyed close ties for a while, with Lola often referring to the KICC chief executive as her “Nana Banana.”

Jomo has been commenting on Lola’s photos on social media, including one where she flaunted rose flowers as she thanked her darling for the love.

Lola and Jomo have never confirmed that they are an item, but Lola often shared suggestive photos with his sister Nana.

Kiguta deleted all previous images of Jomo on her accounts.

In June, she wished him a happy Father’s Day and that remains as the only surviving photo of Jomo on her account.

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✨Happy Father’s Day✨

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