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I’m alive; Musician Kamaru dispels death rumours

Celebrated Kikuyu benga musician Joseph Kamaru is alive, contrary to rumours which started circulating on Friday morning that he had passed on.

Speaking to Nairobi News the musician said he is recuperating at Avenue Hospital in Nairobi after an illness, whose details he didn’t disclose.

According to Mr Kamaru, he was admitted at the hospital on Monday and was set to be discharged on Friday but the doctors advised him to stay until Monday for a rest.

“I’m alive and kicking, tell my fans and the extended family members that I’m well and recuperating and ignore the reports of the haters. For them (the haters) I dedicate them to God to deal with them for misleading the country that I’m no more, whoever takes the role of the Lord to ‘kill’ his people can only be dealt with by Him,” Kamaru said.

He said he had been hopeful of being discharged later on Friday to attend a meeting with all the Mt Kenya musicians to advise on how they would revolutionalize the music industry but the doctor advised otherwise.

However, he said had sent a representative to the meeting who will brief him over the deliberations.


He said his God could not take him until he oversee changes in the music industry and mentor the upcoming musicians to get the best songs for their audience and in return get a better pay.

“There has never been bad times for the music industry like these times, there are cartels and the piracy issues, the Lord God can’t take me before ensuring that musicians get the sweat of their hard work,” he noted.

Mr Kamaru who started singing in 1956, is popularly known for his hits Tiga Kuhenia Igoti and Uthoni Wa Umbani said he intends to build a Kikuyu cultural home in one of his many farms in Muranga to safeguard and protect the Kikuyu culture.

“I want this country to get back to 1975 when musicians controlled the cost of their songs and could discipline the artistes who went against the ethics and standards set out by the Kenya Association of Phonographic Industry (Kapi). I will also establish Agikuyu home in Muranga as the first of its kind where we shall be advising the youth on our tradition,” the musician said.

His counterpart Kamande Wa Kioi urged people to be responsible with what they write in social media platforms saying such reports could scare the family members.

“I was with him on Wednesday and on Thursday when rumours spread that he was dead, this is too bad for propellers of the gospel and they need to get their facts right before writing anything,” he said.