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Jowie challenges death sentence at Court of Appeal

Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie has appealed the decision by the High Court to convict and hand hima death sentence for murder.

Nairobi News understands the notice of appeal was filed on March 16, 2024, two days after Jowie was sentenced.

The move sets in motion another possible roller coaster hearing to determine the murder of South Sudan based businesswoman Monica Irungu.

Speaking after the judgement, Jowie’s legal team had confirmed intent to appeal the judgement by Justice Grace Nzoika.

“The appeal is ready. We will deliberate on a few things and in the next few days file it. We believe our client is innocent and that the court only relied on supposed evidence from boxers to arrive at the judgement,” explained a member of the legal team.

Jowie’s family also insisted that that their kin was innocent.

“I believe my son did not kill anyone. He is innocent and with time the truth shall set him free,” said Jowie’s mother on judgement day.

While condemning Jowie to death, Justice Nzoika explained that the deceased, who was a businesswoman, suffered a painful death that has shattered and changed the lives of her family members forever.

In its pre-sentence report, the prosecution stated that a serious weapon was used in the crime and that attempts were made to conceal evidence after the crime.

“The murder was committed in cold blood. No amount of money can bring the deceased back to life. Monica’s death has ruined the family business in South Sudan, which was the only source of income for the family,” explained a tough speaking Justice Nzoika.

In mitigation, the convict had pleaded for leniency and asked the court for a non custodial sentence, saying he was a first-time offender.

He said he was aware that nothing he said at this stage would ease the pain of the families.

He also said that he understood that financial compensation could not alleviate the pain.

In his report, the probation officer said that Irungu lacked stable partner relationships, had an antisocial personality, was impartial, a thrill seeker and used his anger to control others.

Ms Irungu’s family welcomed the judgement, saying it will bring closure to the family after a painful six years.

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