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Judy Nyawira, wife of actor Abel Mutua, shares her battle with postpartum depression

Judy Nyawira, wife of renowned actor Abel Mutua, has candidly shared her harrowing experience of unknowingly grappling with postpartum depression just one week after giving birth to their child.

Reflecting on her early motherhood journey, Judy disclosed that she had little knowledge of what postpartum depression was, given her youth when she became a mother.

She described the overwhelming situation that unfolded in the second week after childbirth, as she was preparing to return to school.

“I remember waking up one morning, and there was blood coming out from everywhere. I remember, I wailed and screamed, and I woke the baby, and the baby started crying. I sat on the floor. I remember Abel coming in very quickly, his sister who had come to stay with us, and the nanny. I remember telling them to take the baby away and that I did not want to see the baby. Postpartum was not something that was talked about, and it was also not popular. I did experience some serious postpartum depression,” Judy shared during the podcast interview.

Judy’s heartfelt admission sheds light on a significant issue that often goes unspoken in society.

In the past, Judy Nyawira opened up about her journey to motherhood, revealing that she became pregnant while studying at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) over a decade ago.

During an interview with broadcaster Oga Obinna, Judy recounted that she was in her third year of college when she first suspected her pregnancy.

“A week before we closed school, I had started to feel strange. I felt that my body was not normal. I started to feel that there was something here. The morning sickness had not yet started,” Judy recalled.

She continued, “Two weeks after I got home, I started to feel bad. I saw there is something here, there must be something here. There was no morning sickness yet, but I was already starting to feel something. So, we talked (with Abel) and I told him what I felt, there is someone inside this stomach. Sometimes women say they can’t tell when they are pregnant, but I felt it.”

Judy revealed that by the time she became more concerned, she was already five weeks pregnant.

During her time at home, she confided in Abel about her concerns, and he advised her to find a way to return to Nairobi, suggesting she devise a reason to share with her mother.

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