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Julie Gichuru’s untold story about her parents’ divorce

Media personality Julie Gichuru has opened up about her parents’ divorce that almost sent her into depression.

Julie took to her social media pages to share the story and attached was a picture of herself when she was 21 years old.


“1995-21 years old, 2nd year of LLB law, in the university in Cardiff, wales. UWCC,” she posted.

It’s during this time that her parents divorced. Her father remarried and her mother emigrated leaving her with no home to go to.

She had to take up two jobs to pay for the tuition fee for her college.

“I was frightened and anxious. I lamented with God. I told him I was so angry with Him but I still loved Him and asked Him to hold me tight and never let me go,” Julie wrote.


She however revealed that it is her faith in God that ultimately got her through the tough period in her life.

“I found two jobs at this point and studied hard. I didn’t know where I would end up but I knew knowledge would get me there. As long as I had breath in my body, I was going to get there,” she narrated.

She concluded her post by encouraging her followers never to doubt that they too can get where they intend to, as long as they kept moving forward.

“Never doubt that you can get there. Never stop moving forward,” she wrote.