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Kabi Wa Jesus: I nearly joined a criminal sect while living in Kayole

Influential content creator Kabi wa Jesus has bravely shared his early encounters with drug abuse.

The father of three disclosed that his journey into substance abuse began as early as class 5 when he lived in the Kayole neighbourhood.

“In Kayole, survival demands expertise. I started using weed in class 5. The only drugs I didn’t indulge in were heroin and cocaine, as they were beyond my financial means. I resorted to consuming Chang’aa, and even exposure to sex occurred prematurely, introduced to me even by family members,” he revealed.

Kabi further revealed his involvement with a criminal sect during his time in Kayole, where he was tasked with collecting money for the group’s activities.

“The struggles I faced were spiritual in nature. The devil targeted me, attempting to silence me from sharing my experiences later in life. I nearly joined a criminal sect in Kayole during class 6.”

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Kabi said he was a reserved boy but his family could not suspect he was a criminal.

“Despite appearing reserved, I refrained from joining the sect due to my uncircumcised status, fearing the repercussions within my family. However, I still played a role in the group by collecting funds from small business traders, matatus, and snack kiosks, subsequently passing them on to the main criminals,” he said.

In September 2023, Kabi recounted a period when he received a diagnosis of tuberculosis, prompting doctors to urge him to quit smoking.

Despite managing to abstain for a few months, he eventually succumbed to his old habits.

Recognising the depth of his addiction, Kabi acknowledged that battling it alone would be futile.

“On September 15, 2013, I found salvation and experienced a spiritual rebirth. Fearing a potential relapse, I retained some joints as a precaution. However, upon accepting Jesus as my saviour, I was astonished to find the urge to smoke vanish completely!

“But I also took proactive steps—I engaged in heartfelt conversations with my past struggles, firmly declaring, ‘I will no longer indulge in smoking or drinking, for I am now born again!’ I firmly believe in the power of testifying to one’s faith, not only to others but also to the inner demons we wrestle with,” he shared.