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Brian Chira: The journey to fame, online turmoil, and battles with alcoholism

The passing of Brian Chira Wambui, a controversial figure in the TikTok community has attracted a mixed reaction online.

During the early hours of Saturday, March 16, Chira Wambui met a tragic fate as he was involved in a fatal collision with a speeding vehicle.

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Who was Brian Chira?

Chira was born in Githunguri, Kiambu and his story was not just about fame but about resilience in the face of adversity.

Chira went to school attended Nkubu High School. His friends have described him as a bright student.

Brian Mutiga, who was schoolmates with Chira, fondly recalls his remarkable talent and early potential in drama and performing arts.

According to Mutiga, Chira’s talent was evident from his very first day at Nkubu High School, catching the attention of the drama teacher.

“Brian Chira was two classes behind me at Nkubu High School. He was so talented that the drama teacher noticed him on his first day in Form One,” he reminisced.

Brian Chira
Brian Chira. PHOTO| POOL

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Despite being a freshman, Chira swiftly established himself by landing a lead role in ‘Cursed at Birth,’ the school’s play for the National Drama Festivals, within just two months of joining.

Another former schoolmate, Pato, reflected, “We were disheartened when we missed out on nationals, but you vowed that the following year, we would make it. True to your promise, we succeeded with the play ‘Downfall of Carmelot.’ Unfortunately, a strike thwarted our plans in 2016.”

“In 2017, you renewed your pledge, insisting that your acting prowess would shine on the national stage. And indeed, we triumphed at nationals in Kisumu, showcasing ‘The Last Exodus.’ Your performance captivated the entire Eastern Region.”

It was Chira’s prowess in drama that paved the way for his subsequent rise as a social media sensation.

A neighbor in Githunguri, Kiambu, shared with this writer that Brian was a diligent student.

“He was exceptionally kind and disciplined. Being younger than me, I’ve known him from our neighborhood. His grandmother held him in high regard. However, things took a turn for the worse when he discovered he was HIV positive. This revelation deeply affected him, as he felt he had let down his grandmother. She learned about his status through social media,” the neighbour revealed.

Brian Chira’s life in the limelight

Chira’s rise to prominence in 2022 stemmed from an NTV interview titled “Witness,” where his articulate command of the English language mesmerized viewers.

Empowered by the positive response, he delved into the online sphere, introducing himself as “Naitwa (My name is) Chira, Brian Chira!”

During this period, Chira was pursuing his studies at Kabarak University.

With a massive TikTok following of 335k followers, Chira monetized his online presence and money streamed in.

In a previous interview with Mungai Eve, Chira placed the figure at an average of Sh100,000 from a single TikTok live session.

From the proceeds of his trade, Chira was able to support his grandmother and orphaned cousins.

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Chira also financed his education with the money generated from content creation.

In August, 2023 Chira alleged that he was suspended from Kabarak University after being arrested for cyber harassment against TikTok star Azziad Nasenya.

In a Live session on TikTok with Andrew Kibe, Chira opened up about the incident, revealing that he received a suspension letter from the Chief Security Officer during his arrest on Thursday, July 27.

Brian Chira
Brian Chira on the docks after his arrest. PHOTO| POOL

Chira faced charges of cyber harassment for allegedly using his TikTok account to defame Azziad Nasenya, a radio host.

He was later released on Monday, July 31, on a cash bail of Sh50,000 with the surety of the same amount.

During his Live session with Kibe, the third-year student at Kabarak University shared his version of the events that led to his arrest and subsequent suspension.

“Azziad got me arrested on Thursday; that is when the cops came to school and called the Chief Security Officer (CSO) around noon. I was summoned and told that I had been suspended from Kabarak University,” Chira alleged.

Chira also had a problem with other content creators like Mulamwa and Nyako.

At one time, he called out Mulamwah for allegedly refusing to take a photo with him.

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Mulamwah’s drama

In July 2023, Mulamwah clarified that his concern wasn’t specifically directed at Brian Chira but rather at the behavior of Chira and other young TikTokers, especially during nighttime activities.

“I don’t have a personal issue with Chira. My concern is about conducting oneself with dignity and respect because being associated with me or you… that’s how it reflects on me outside among people I impact,” Mulamwah stated.

He emphasised the importance of the younger generation learning and maturing, particularly in utilizing their fame for personal and communal advancement.

Acknowledging his own influence, he stressed the significance of maintaining humility and respect, urging others to do the same.

Mulamwah advised Chira and fellow TikTokers to utilize their platforms positively, focusing on self-improvement and making a constructive impact on society.

“If you claim you’re famous, let that fame benefit you and your community, don’t come causing trouble… We respect you for who you are, but you should also respect us for who we are. It’s a free world, do what you want, but also let others do what they want,” he asserted.

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Chira and Nyako’s drama

Chira called out Nyako, stating that she never helped him and that it’s the public who really assisted him.

According to Chira, Nyako only provided a platform that was used to facilitate the contributions that financed some of the assets in his house.

Chira even went further and said that Nyako doesn’t care about him and that she is not his mother.

“Nyako kuja hapa…ooh I paid rent for you. You paid rent for who? How much money did you use? Pesa ni ya kuchangwa ilichangwa ndio ikanunua kila kitu kwa hii nyumba,” Chira said.

However, it didn’t take long before Chira asked for forgiveness, stating that those words were spoken in a moment of anger, and it wasn’t his true self.

Brian Chira
Brian Chira. PHOTO| POOL

Chira a champion against HIV/AIDS stigma

Chira was an advocate for people living with HIV, he fearlessly disclosed his status. Taking to social media, he shared openly about his condition and proudly displayed his antiretroviral medication.

“I am Brian Chira, and I am HIV Positive,” he declared.

Yet, he later confessed to regretting his decision to share such personal information.

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According to a close friend, Chira’s family discovered his HIV status through social media.

In his reveal, he said that he contracted HIV from a friend during a visit to the coast.

He said the revelation of his HIV status came unexpectedly when a friend, under false pretenses of a lunch outing, brought him to an organisation incentivising HIV testing.

Unaware of the true purpose, he discovered his HIV-positive status during this visit.

“I was very shocked I ended up breaking down in the hospital. I did three tests and all of them turned positive,” he shared.

Sadly, the ‘friend’ later took his own life as he was also HIV positive.

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Alcohol and depression

Chira battled his own demons.

The spotlight didn’t shield him from the darkness of alcoholism, a battle he openly shared in an interview with Oga Obinna.

“I discovered I was depressed when I sold everything in my house for alcohol. At that time, my house was full. But I spiraled down because the stress became too much for me to handle, and alcohol seemed like the best option,” he said.

In a previous video posted by fellow TikToker Nyako, Chira made a pledge to construct a two-bedroom house for his guardian.

“Shosho, your boy is on the rise. I’m determined to build you a comfortable home so you can enjoy life like other women your age,” he remarked with joy.

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Brian Chira’s Death

Chira passed away on March 16, 204 due to a tragic road accident in Kiambu County.

According to police reports, Chira succumbed to injuries sustained after being hit by a speeding vehicle.

His body was transferred to the City Mortuary, displaying injuries to the forehead.

Fans and several celebrities have united to support the family in gathering funds to provide him with a dignified farewell. A portmortem was performed on March 18, ahead of his burial.

May Chira’s soul rest in peace.