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Exclusive: Kabarak University reacts to Brian Chira’s alleged suspension

Content creator Brian Chira, has alleged that he was suspended from Kabarak University after being arrested for cyber harassment against TikTok star Azziad Nasenya.

In a Live session on TikTok with Andrew Kibe, Chira opened up about the incident, revealing that he received a suspension letter from the Chief Security Officer during his arrest on Thursday, July 27.

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Chira faced charges of cyber harassment for allegedly using his TikTok account to defame Azziad Nasenya, a radio host.

During his Live session with Kibe, the third-year student at Kabarak University shared his version of the events that led to his arrest and subsequent suspension.

“Azziad got me arrested on Thursday; that is when the cops came to school and called the Chief Security Officer (CSO) around noon. I was summoned and told that I had been suspended from Kabarak University,” Chira alleged.

Moreover, he claimed that some of his recent online Live sessions had caused tensions within the institution, being a Christian-founded university.

“It is because I have not been following the biblical motto of the school,” Chira stated.

Andrew Kibe asked him if the persona he portrayed online was a character, to which Chira replied, “I am just me, and this is who you get.”

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Chira recounted his arrest experience, mentioning that he was taken to Menengai Police Station.

He also alleged that the suspension letter was handed to him by the Chief Security Officer and not the Dean of Students.

Nairobi News attempted to reach out to Kabarak University’s Dean of Students for clarification.

The dean responded, “The University’s rules and regulations do not allow us to discuss our students with anyone due to confidentiality. If there is any suspension, that is an internal matter. Whatever is out there, we are also not aware of what is already in the public. What we know is that he is one of our students, nothing more.”

Kabarak University, as stated in its moral code, upholds values such as integrity, excellence, professionalism, innovativeness, creativity, commitment to serve, and being mindful of others.

The university community strives to live by these principles while keeping Jesus Christ as their guiding example.

Brian Chira was released on Monday, July 31, on a cash bail of Sh50,000 with the surety of the same amount.

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