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‘You’re a jealous bitter hater!’ Rue baby defends Akothee over ‘Niko Single Tena’ post

Rue Baby, the daughter of Kenyan singer Akothee, is renowned for coming to her mother’s rescue whenever hateful fans harshly criticize her on social media.

In a recent post by Akothee, where she sparked speculation that she could be back to the streets barely months after she tied the knot, one fan took to the comment section to air out his concerns about the singer’s “inability” to settle down, weighing in on her age. 

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The post by Akothee clearly states “Niko Single Tena”, which only attracted a flood of comments from concerned fans, but equally attracted criticism in the same regard.

Nonetheless, Rue Baby, seeing one particular post that was unfairly attacking her mother, jumped on the comments bandwagon and nullified the fan’s critique.

The fan’s comment read, “Tulia mama ushakuwa shosho. I’m trying to imagine how you look without make-up.” 

Rue Baby was quick to respond by saying, “No you’re not her fan 😂😂😂you’re a jealous, bitter, hater.”

Akothee, on the other hand, is yet to respond to the post, which some of her fans also believe could be a song she is planning to release, and instead thought of building anticipation for its launch. 

As her fans eagerly wait to hear from madam boss, it’s only clear that the speculation building in the comment section is unsettling.

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Here are some other comments on the post. 

nungari_kinyua: -Ata honeymoon haikuisha yawa. Welcome back to the street seems this is where you belong. Do you want to be the president Bado we had given Betty Kyalo the responsibility but ata hajatoa first speech so you can take over.

lewis_ycot: Tungojee hii nyimbo saa ngapi 😜

lina_ogana: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…this clout has been overused Nyar Rongo, just release the song.

charleneniver: It’s a song. Why are people panicking?

queenmugo_:– Continue confusing them until they learn to mind their business.

Just a day ago, Akothee shocked her fans when she praised her ex-lover and manager, Nelly Oaks, saying that he will always be a part of her family.

During the opening ceremony of her daughter Vesha Okello’s new club, Chateau 254 Cellar & Gastro Club, Akothee said, “To me, Nelly will never be an ex.”

As she joined Oaks and other celebs on the dance floor, Akothee openly shared, “The man behind my brand, my best friend. He has a big heart, and handling me with all my drama is a huge task. Nelly is family, and we come from far. His grandfather left a legacy in my community.”

In her address, Akothee expressed her sincere gratitude to Oaks for his everlasting support and dedication to her family. “When you see Nelly around me, I don’t care what you want to think. He takes care of my children and goes out with them.”

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