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Akothee on the spot as fans demand tour of husband’s house

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has taken to her social media platforms to address trolls who’ve been questioning the wealth of her husband, Dennis Schweizer alias Omosh.

In a post that exuded confidence and pride, Akothee revealed she and her husband were enjoying a honeymoon in Greece, shutting down any doubts about their lavish lifestyle.

Responding to the trolls, Akothee wrote:

“You asked where Omosh is! I am now serving you Omosh raw and dry as breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Don’t jump onto the next episode, confusing the stations. Congratulate him for being a man better than yours.

We are here to stay for a whole week, and you have a lot to follow. Ignore the side shows. I want you to feel bad until your stomachs ache.”

The singer’s post was met with mixed reactions from followers, with some inquiring about a house tour of Omosh’s new home and expressing their love for Akothee.

A fan identified as Margicious W Mutahi wrote: “Next question, house tour ya nyumba ya omosh ni lini?”

Akothee remained firm in her stance, refusing to share details of their new residence.

She responded, “We live on the streets as you can see. Enjoy this one. Now, if there is anything I will never show you, it is our new home. Stop nagging about it. My heart beats with my husband.”

Another one Janet Jonathan, said:

“Kwani omosh hananga nyumba, that’s what we’re waiting, I love you Akothee.”

Akothee said: ” Mtangoja sanaa heri ujiokote uanze kuishi maisha yako. Sasa hii ndio sitawahi wainyesha heri mkufe.”

As the comments continued to flood in, Akothee addressed another user who questioned why she had broken her earlier promise of not appearing on social media.

Akothee cheekily replied, “I don’t want you to fall into depression. Without me, you have no life. Where else would you leave your comment?”

The online exchange escalated when a follower accused Akothee of sending her assistant to Greece to organize everything, only to claim it was a surprise from her husband.

Akothee dismissed the claims and expressed her frustration with those who closely follow her life, stating:

“My children are traveling the world. Will yours have that life when you reach my age? You forgot that I have a tour company.

You guys said the wedding was fake. You are the fakest human beings. Everything in your life is so messed up that you can’t believe there is life on the other side. I pity those who follow my love life. Let them feel bad wherever they are.”

Akothee has been trending for a couple of weeks after her most publicized wedding in April.

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