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Jubilee MP ‘reveals’ source of party’s millions, cars

Two Kiambu leaders have defended Jubilee against accusations that its using money from public coffers to conduct the much hyped merger and campaigns.

Speaking at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) during its annual open day, Kiambu women representative Annah Nyokabi said the merger and related campaigns are being funded by donations from parties, well wishers and party allocations.

She added that the merger is being seen as extravagant since it is involving many parties with strong presence in various parts of the country.

“We are not flamboyant, we are just many, we are big and throughout the country that’s why CORD (leaders) think we are (extravagant). The donations and support we are getting from all over is good, people are even bringing their own cars for branding,” she said.


Ms Nyokabi urged CORD leaders to join Jubilee if they feel threatened by Jubilee’s progress.

“It’s difficult when you are on the losing side,” said Nyokabi before urging some CORD leaders to declare how Tourism Catering Levy funds were utilised.

A parliamentary audit report showed that about sh 10 billion were utilised by current members of the opposition during their tenure during the grand coalition government.

“The president and deputy president are being endorsed by world leaders for their wisdom, World leaders can see what the Jubilee government is doing for Kenyans, they are coming to Kenya to acknowledge and participate in the development and the future that the Jubilee government is bringing to Kenyans.The support we are getting is equally huge,” she added.


Speaking in Kizito area in Ruiru after commissioning a borehole, Governor William Kabogo said there’s nothing about the opposition that is worth his time and added that Jubilee is a national party and that is why CORD is bitter about the merger.

“Jubilee is about Kenya, Jubilee is all about the 42 tribes. You think that they are happy that Jubilee has come together to show the way? This is the way of the future,” said Kabogo.

Kabogo added that the merger shall rid the country off tribal politics and ethnic groupings during general elections in the next 150 years.

Asked if the merger has used any funding from public coffers he said Jubilee has no reason to do that.

“I have not used any (money) from Kiambu and I imagine everyone else is the same. Why do we have to use government money when we have supporters? We have people like me who are willing to contribute,” added Kabogo.

The two also dismissed KANU for alleging that Jubilee Party is using its colours in the newly formed party.

“All colours belong to the rainbow. I do not want to be reduced to speaking about Kanu and its colors,” Kabogo said.