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Kagwe: Wearing a face mask in public no longer mandatory

Wearing a face mask in public in Kenya is no longer mandatory, the government has announced.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe confirmed the stance on Friday.

He attributed the stance to the reduced Covid-19 cases in the country, coupled with the increased number of vaccinated Kenyans.

“Country to country are taking different measures in regard to the pandemic. Our positivity rate in the past one month has been less than 1%,” explained Kagwe.

“As we move forward, we encourage Kenyans to vaccinate and keep safe, do not lower your guard.”

Besides, Kagwe announced all vaccinated persons entering Kenya will not have to undergo a Covid-19 test.

In addition, all public service vehicles, trains and domestic air services will resume carrying passengers at full capacity to resume at full capacity while face masks will still be worn during course of travel. But the use of masks will be encouraged in indoor spaces but temperature screening is halted.

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