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Kameme FM presenter ‘fired’ after joining politics

By Amina Wako January 25th, 2022 1 min read

Radio presenter Njogu wa Njoroge says he’s been forced to stay out of work days after announcing his bid to join politics.

The seasoned Kameme FM presenter told Nairobi News he received a call from his managers on Monday morning asking him not to report to work.

“They told me not to report to work this (Monday). I was to host the night show from 9.30 pm- midnight,” he explained.

The management has promised him it will further reach out on the matter.

Njoroge was posted posing with Deputy President William Ruto in United Democratic Alliance party colours. He is set to contest for a parliamentary seat in the August 2022 polls.

Njoroge could have been affected by a the policy from most private companies to have non partisan and objective employees, and especially those whose who’ve not publicly declared their political affiliations.

The Kenya Media Council and public service has also asked journalists vying for political positions to resign from their role six months to the August polls.