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Kanda King: my wife left and I don’t know where she is

It appears there is trouble in paradise judging by a post by celebrated Lingala dancer Said Makdar popularly known as Kanda King .

Kanda shocked his fans on social media after posting a picture that captures the mother of his three children with an unknown man sitting between her thighs.

However, what left his fans scratching their heads was Kanda’s message accompanying the photo.

In the post he passionately asked for help to find the unidentified man.


Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Kanda revealed how distressed he was since he has not seen the love of his life since Wednesday.

The talented dancer is left confused on how to establish his wife’s whereabouts.

“I came back home yesterday and did not find my wife at home I questioned the house help and she told me that she had left a few minutes before I came in with a small bag,” says Kanda King.

At first Kanda did not think much of it. However when night fell and she was still nowhere to be seen he made attempt to reach her on phone but this proved futile as her phone was off.

“Today in the morning a friend sent me the picture that I shared on social media that captures her embracing another man. At first I did not know what to make of it but I decided to share it online so that anyone who knows the guy can contact me since I am very worried,” said the exasperated Kanda.

He added: “I am still trying to call her but her phone is still switched off. I just hope that she is okay and nothing bad has happened to her. If she does not turn up today, then I will report her missing to the police.”

The renowned dancer during a past interview on Nairobi News’ Snappy 7 segment said he had been dancing for 25 years and he recruited his wife and son to become a dancing family.

Kanda King, who is a younger brother to gospel singer Princess Farida, has since incorporated singing into his performances and features a live band in his entertainment events.

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