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We are Unbwoggable! Orengo responds to EACC over Siaya County investigations

The Siaya County government leadership responded to claims by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission’s (EACC) Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak, that the county was a ‘red flag’ and it is undergoing investigations.

During a press conference in which the EACC spoke on the investigations that led to the arrests of former governor Mwangi wa Iria and former cabinet secretary Ukur Yatani, CEO Mbarak castigated a governor “who is a lawyer” who was representing Mr Iria for claiming the arrest was politically motivated.

“…yesterday, the noise they made, where one of the persons there is a lawyer who is a governor, his county, we have even focused on it. It is on our red flag. So you can tell that lawyer/governor, we may end up in his place very soon,” said Mr Mbarak.

The message was directed to Governor James Orengo who is a prolific lawyer and one of Mr Iria’s lawyers in his EACC case. The CEO also went ahead to tell those in leadership positions across counties to continue stealing but eventually, EACC will catch up with them and arrest them. The EACC normally investigates corruption.

In response, Governor Orengo told the EACC on April 25, 2024, that they “are unbwoggable“, a Luo tribal term for we are not scared or shaken.

“The statement made by the CEO of EACC today in regard to the alleged on-going investigations touching on Siaya County, with an unfortunate and nuanced reference to the Governor, was reckless, irresponsible, unjustified and legally inexcusable. It was empty and contained nothing new, except outrageous hyperbole, falsehood and callous sadism.

There have been arrests made in Siaya County as long as six years ago but no prosecutions. Complaints in regard thereto have been made many a time. But apropos the Governor, we say bring it on without delay. We are unbwogabble,” read the statement signed by Mr Victor Marende, the Director Governor’s Press in Siaya.

Siaya County recently made news when the besieged Deputy Governor William Oduol made claims that there was rampant corruption in the county, and placed them at the feet of Governor Orengo. Mr Oduol made these claims as he faced impeachment for corruption including the purchase of one chair for a million shillings and abuse of office. He survived the impeachment after Senators voted to leave him in office.

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