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Kariobangi woman killed co-wife’s child in bid to win back husband

By ABIUD OCHIENG January 22nd, 2016 1 min read

A woman has been convicted of killing her co-wife’s child in a bid to regain her husband’s affections.

Justice Fred Ochieng on Thursday said the court was satisfied that the evidence had linked Elenah Nyambura and other people, including her brother, to the murder of baby Sheila Wanjiku.

The incident happened in August 2, 2009 at the Civil Servants estate in Kariobangi.

The judge said Nyambura confessed that she felt her husband loved the baby more than her son.


She was also unhappy that her husband had married Ms Eunice Nyawira.

“Ms Nyambura said she decided that if baby Sheila was killed, her husband would return to her,” said the judge.

The court also noted that having shared the decision with her brother Geoffrey Njuguna, they roped in Peris Njeri Bundi, who would point out the house where the baby lived and a Mr Muriithi.


“Ms Nyambura conceived the idea to eliminate baby Sheila. She then enlisted the help of her brother, Mr Njuguna, whose role was to identify and recruit the killer. Meanwhile, Peris would point out the house to the killer,” said Judge Ochieng.

The court concluded that all the four accused acted in concert and that it did not matter that they did not all stab the child to death.

“Each of them played a role which contributed to the success of the heinous elimination of an innocent baby. Accordingly, I find each and every one of the four persons guilty of the murder,” said Justice Ochieng.

The parties return to court next week to mitigate before sentence is delivered.