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Karuri and Kinuthia: Kenyan men beating women at being prettier ‘females’

Society continues to create this perception that women need to be on their beautiful A game 24/7. If you think I’ exaggerating, just take a stroll on your Instagram feed and check out how many people caption their photos with ‘I woke up like this” while having on a full face beat, brushed hair, eyebrows on fleek and shining lip gloss that can be seen from here to Timbuktu.

Society – men in general – would prefer to have their women always sparkling in the latest clothes, hairstyles, manicures, pedicures and make-up trends but the reality on the ground is that- women just don’t have that energy to always be shining.

Yes, women do love getting dolled up once in a while but sometimes, they would love to spend the day in tights, an oversized t-shirt (definitely no bra!), socks and crocs; to just let their hair breathe from all the pulling and twisting in the name of hairstyles and enjoy fresh skin that only encountered soap the entire day.

Sounds like heaven, yes?

It is… but then, in come two men who may or may not stir up some feminine insecurities.

Meet Dennis Karuri and Kelvin Kinuthia. Two of the most prominent Kenyan male Instagram influencers who lean more toward feminine tendencies in terms of mannerisms, dressing and beauty.

Dennis Karuri. PHOTO | COURTESY


Kelvin Kinuthia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Karuri is a make-up artist who continues to work with several local celebrities including Michelle Ntalami, Foi Wambui, Jacky Vike and Janet Mbugua; and collaborates with international beauty brands like Maybelline New York. He also doubles up as a model.

Dennis Karuri with fellow local Instagram influencer Michelle Ntalami during a past photoshoot. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Karuri pursued a degree in Agribusiness but fashion remained his first love. It was this love that led him down the modelling runway and ultimately into the make-up industry and once revealed that on a good day, he could make more than Sh150,000 for his work.

Many women dream of dressing in the biker set outfit but the way some bodies were built, many prefer keeping things tucked and uncovered unlike Dennis Karuri above.  PHOTO | COURTESY


Karuri stunning in a beautiful Ankara dress at a previous event held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY

On the other hand, Kinuthia is a digital content creator who rose in fame for dressing and behaving like a female. Earlier this year, he revealed he was getting married in August 2022 but it remains to be seen if it will be a man or a woman after vehemently denying that he was gay.

Kinuthua dressed in a white wedding dress like outfit. Fab or drab? PHOTO | COURTESY

Not one to be left behind, Kinuthia kills it with the human hair weave and the edges laid in tow. The manicure game is on point and the face beat is one to be envied! Check him out below:

Kelvin Kinuthia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Never an off day for Kinuthia unlike women who would often love down days of no beauty standards to meet.

Kelvin Kinuthia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Both influencers boast of social media followers in their hundreds of thousands, revealing a growing community of Kenyans that have become accepting of lifestyles previously considered “vitu za wazungu” (things preserved for white people).

So, ladies, are your insecurities awake after checking out these two men ama tuwachane na wewe? Leave us a comment.