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Kayole househelp goes missing with toddler

A young family in Nairobi is looking for their toddler who went missing on Monday morning after a visit to the clinic with the househelp.

Two year-old Lillian Awinja had been taken for a measles jab at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital by a househelp who had only been employed for four days.

The househelp, , Florence Ateya Amotsa, was requested to take the baby to the hospital from their family house in Nasra Estate because the mother of the child, who is a teacher, was away at school.

The househelp and toddler are said to have arrived at the hospital at around 11am. A crosscheck on the records showed she was given the jab accompanied by the househelp.


According to the girl’s father, Peter Okonji, Florence had been employed last Friday and her previous work experience was only worked in Western Kenya where she had worked for five months.

“My wife was connected with her by a friend and she came all the way from Kakamega where she had been living with her sister,” Mr Okonji told Nairobi News.

The family contacted the sister to Florence after she failed to return home with the baby and the sister promised to link them with her parents who live in Egusiratsi village in Bunyore.

“Her phone has since gone offline and the friend who connected us to them says she is unable to trace them as well,” said Mr Okonji.

The family has since reported the disappearance in several city police stations among them Kayole, Buruburu, Soweto and Mwiki.

An appeal to help to trace the young girl as well as the househelp has since been launched.

If sighted you can report to the nearest police station or contact the child’s father through 0723818670.