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Kayole man dies after fall from his apartment

A man is suspected to have fallen to his death from the fourth floor of his rented apartment in Nairobi.

A police report seen by Nairobi News indicates the man could have been intoxicated.

John Otieno arrived home at night and found his wife asleep.

He then walked out of his house and fell to his death.

The 27-year-old fell down on the cemented floor of the building where a neighbor found him dead as blood oozed from his head, ears, mouth, and nose.

“He arrived at his house located on the fourth floor of the building from a drinking spree but found the wife dead asleep. He then fell on the ground floor and neighbors had a loud bang,” police said in a report filed at Kayole police station.

Police officers then processed the scene of the crime after they were alerted of the incident and already neighbors had made a decision to take him to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

It is then that the body was taken to the facility’s morgue awaiting an autopsy that will be carried out later this week.