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Kayole Woman in desperate search for her lost daughter

A single mother in Kayole in Nairobi is searching for their four year old daughter who has been missing for the last one month.

Shantel Zawadi disappeared from their home in Nyando, Kayole, on October 20 under unclear circumstances.

“We were all in the house and at around 7 p.m, she went outside the house. There were other children playing outside,” her mother, Emily Atieno told Nairobi News.

She said in less than ten minutes later, she called her but she did not answer.

“I decided to go outside to go look for her but I could not see her. I went to her friends’ homes to look for her in vain. Eventually, family members joined me in searching for her until 11.30 p.m,” Ms Atieno who is a single mother  said.

She said she did not suspect Zawadi could have lost her way home because she is very familiar with the surrounding estates.

“She has been going to the shops and playing even outside that gate. She is well too familiar with the area because she was born here and I have raised her here all her life,” the distraught Ms Atieno said.

She said that her daughter, who is a pupil at the Totobora Academy, had also been going to school alone and that she knows all her neigbours.

When she did not find her daughter, Ms Atieno reported the incident at the Soweto Police Station under OB number 32/21/10/2015 and 11/23/10/2015.

“I have also visited several police stations including Buruburu, Kayole, Kitengela, Makadara and Kilimani. Apart from that I have also gone to several children’s homes and Administration Police Posts,” she said.

The 26 year-old, who works as a casual laborer at Runda, said she had to excuse herself from work so that she can look for her daughter.