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Kazi Mtaani scam

Kibera Deputy County Commissioner Gideon Ombongi has put on notice area youth who’ve been receiving payment through Kazi Mtaani initiative despite not turning up for work.

Kazi Mtaani is a government-funded program that cushions youth against the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It entails youth getting paid for work as casual laborers in informal settlements.

The program seems to be experiencing challenges though, with Ombongi warning he is ready to ‘weed’ out youth who are illegally benefitting from the program.

He added he’d received information there are people who got jobs elsewhere and stopped working for the government but are still receiving payments wherever they are.

“Some went back to school, others got employment even with the government including Kenya Defence Forces, others have been hired by counties and moved out of Nairobi but are still being paid because they are in our records,” Ombongi said.

Chiefs will come up with a new list of the youths working under the initiative that will remove the ghosts being paid for work they are not doing.

And the administrator said work shall be supervised to ensure service delivery “because there are those that are idling in the streets waiting for the end of the day while doing nothing yet receive payments”.

And in a related development, he says Kenyans are yet to collect about 11,000 Huduma number cards at the Kibra Huduma Centre offices in Nairobi. Only 4,400 cards had been collected by this week, he said, while urging members of the public to go for the cards at the offices.