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KBS now blaming the police for rampant robbery and pick pocketing in their buses

The Kenya Bus Service Management is now blaming the police for not taking action despite reporting the rampant cases of theft and robbery inside their fleet buses.

In a statement posted on their official Twitter page, the KBS management said that they had on numerous times reported case of pick pockets who rob passengers in their buses to police but no action had been taken.

“We have reported this issue of pick pockets operating on PSV over and over to the security agents including the one that Miriam is talking about. We have written several letters to the police raising this issues but nothing has been done so far,” part of the statement reads.

The management was responding to clients who complained that part of their crew have a tendency of colluding with criminals.

The most recent incident is reported to have happened on Sunday afternoon in one of their buses along Ngong Road.

A passenger by the name Miriam Wanda narrated the incident on social media, complaining how a another female passenger was robbed by four men in one of the buses registration number KBZ 997Z.

Ms Wanda, in her tweet, said that she witnessed how the conductor allowed four men to enter the bus and steal a phone from a young lady.

The management later said that they have summoned the crew members to record statements at their control room.