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City women weigh in on keeping pregnant house helps

Would you keep your house help if she became pregnant? Well, Nairobi women have weighed in on the dos and donts when it comes to having a house help who is expectant.

In a post on a closed Facebook group, city women shared their experience with pregnant house helps with some calling for empathy towards domestic workers.

Some women however expressed concerns over safety and work output urging employers to have an open discussion before keeping a pregnant house help.

One woman wrote. “100% I would keep her… akishapata mtoto pia nampa maternity leave ya 3 months akiwa tu kwangu. From there hata yeye anafaa kuwa amefikiria pa kwenda coz siwezi muweka kwangu tena. But kama ako willing and hardworking, naeza mfungulia kibanda hapo karibu na ma mboga auzange omena na mayai apate ya kulipa rent na kulealea mtoi. So God help me.”

Another commented, “No. it’s just awkward when a pregnant woman is doing chores in the house. But then again this is when she needs the income more than ever.”

Another stated, “Yes I have had two na wote walienda kama wamebakisha 1 month ndio wajifungue. Even our bosses keep us until we’re unable to work.”

Another woman wrote, “Ask yourself if you were a house help in someone’s house and you pregnant, tell us would you wish to be kept?? This question is to all those who say mara never, mara what for, mara hell no.”

Another stated, “Yes, as long as she is good with the kids, hardworking, respect kitu ya muhimu, knows her job… will keep her until she feels the need to go. She needs that money that’s why she is working. Had one until akajifungua.”

Another added, “I have one she requested to work for me mpaka August lakini ameeanza kiburi.Was going to do abit of baby shopping for her on my budget but it seems pregnancy hormones have taken better part of her.”

“Yes I will as long as anafanya kazi kama kawaida, wenye wakoemployed hata kwa kampuni na uko na boll hiyo si kazi ya mtu?? You do mpaka unazaa unaenda leave na unarudi.”

“I did… and the baby will turn one year this coming June. Still with her n the baby in my house. Those who know me can attest to it.”

“Depends if she is comfortable working in her condition then ukuwe ready helping from 6 months till when baby arrives and much later.”

“I kept one, she gave birth in my house and it was very risky. Keep her at your own risk. If she decides to abort in the house, utajua hujui.”

“Yes Yes as long as she’s doing her work, pls let her continue working until hapo 7 – 8 months. Also try to encourage her so that she does not think of aborting the baby pls.”

“I would. My mum did when we were young. She even gave birth and still lived with us. Later mum walked her down the aisle and she is happily married. Her kids know my mum as the shosh. They visit just like our kids would. From this, I definitely would.”

“Yes as long as she’s active and working kuna shida gani if she’s good with her job why sack her now and she needs that cash. Let her work until aseme mwenyewe amechoka kisha mpe three months leave just like u are given at your work place.”