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Woman who was slapped in Ruguru by election speaks out – VIDEO

The election observer who was assaulted and slapped by a male assailant during Ruguru Ward by-election in Nyeri on Wednesday has spoken out about the incident.

Martha Miano, in a video uploaded online by Samuel Maina, explains what ensued before she was slapped by her attacker, who arrested but has since been released on bail.

Ms Miano narrated how she went to the Ndunduini polling station on receiving complaints of voter bribery.

“When I arrived I was told they had come to the police station and I decided to follow them. When I came I found Mheshimiwa Rigathi Gachagua with his people around him. Mheshimiwa went into the police station and then when he came out he started addressing the Returning Officer and IEBC staff and just as an observer I went to listen,” she recounted.


Man arrested for slapping election observer bailed out – VIDEO

“When I went there I don’t know what got over him he started attacking me verbally and he said ‘Kama hawa si wa Ruguru they should be evicted forcefully,’ I told him, ‘I have a right to be here,’ then his driver and three other guys attacked me,” Ms Miano said.

She further explained that the suspect arrested during the voter bribing incident had already been released.

“Yule alikuwa ameshikwa sababu ya kuiba kura ameshawachiliwa,” she said.

The video goes on to show Ms Miano and some other people pleading with the police at the station to allow her to record a statement.

Her statement is later recorded by a female officer as some of her colleagues look on.