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Kelvin Kiptum’s ‘baby mama’ Edna Awuor makes fresh revelations on athlete’s wife, parents

Edna Awuor Otieno, the alleged baby mama of deceased athlete Kelvin Kiptum, has shared startling revelations about their supposed relationship, shedding light on her interactions with Kiptum’s family and his wife, Asenath Rotich.

In an interview with an Eldoret blogger, Ms Otieno shared details of their relationship timeline, stating that they began dating in 2019, even before Kiptum, the world record holder in marathon races, rose to stardom in the athletics world.

She emphasised that Kiptum was actively involved in their child’s life, living with them until he had to travel for athletic commitments, including the Chicago marathon.

“I am 22 years. We started our relationship in 2019 and even before he was a star, I knew him. He was a very nice person and he took care of his child. I got pregnant in 2021 and he used to live with us before he went to London, he lived with us until when he went for the Chicago marathon when he shifted to a bigger place.”

Recounting their early days together, Edna revealed they met when she was in High School, and their relationship deepened after she completed high school.

Despite initial challenges, including concerns from her parents about their living arrangements, both families eventually acknowledged the situation, with Kiptum’s parents aware of their grandchild.

“We first met when I was in form three. It was during my fourth year that I became pregnant. Our families are acquainted with each other.

There was a period when I lived with him during my form three years, and my parents, initially unaware of my whereabouts, eventually discovered my living arrangements with Kiptum.

This led to a conversation between our parents, during which his parents became aware of our child.”

She said the reason she did not move in with him after delivery was because my mum was supporting me in raising my child.

Edna disclosed that she maintained communication with Kiptum’s wife, Asenath Rotich, even chatting with her when Kiptum was unreachable.

She highlighted a cordial relationship between them, stating that they often exchanged calls when Kiptum was unavailable.

“We are friends with his wife and we could even call each other. Kiptum’s wife would call me whenever she did not find him on the phone,” she said.

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Regarding Kiptum’s tragic demise, Edna narrated how she learned about the accident, expressing her shock and grief upon receiving the news.

She shared her struggles with accepting the truth, eventually confirmed by her parents and the somber atmosphere outside her home.

“I overheard my parents discussing the accident. When I questioned my mother, she hesitated to disclose the truth. Feeling unsettled, I stepped outside and encountered a scene of people in tears. Checking my phone, I noticed numerous missed calls from his friends. On checking on Facebook, everyone was typing RIP.”

Kiptum’s intentions, claiming that he had plans to marry her and emphasised the striking resemblance between their daughter, Adriel Cherop, and Kiptum.

Edna went to court seeking to stop Kelvin Kiptum’s burial but lawyer, Justice Robert Wananda dismissed the application filed saying that the burial of the late Kiptum is of public interest.

“I was afraid to approach the family but my uncles pressured me to go to court. I would want to have a DNA done to ascertain the paternity of his child.”

Edna recalled Kiptum’s final moments with their child, where he visited her and spent quality time together before his untimely death.

“A few weeks before his demise, he visited us and went with our child to have a cup of tea.”