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Kenha warns of traffic snarl-ups along Mombasa Road

January 19th, 2022 2 min read

Motorists who regularly use Mombasa Road in Nairobi have consistently been inconvenienced with police attributing the traffic snarl-up to the ongoing construction of the Expressway.

The contractor has been raising a beam on the road near Mlolongo and had to close a section of the busy highway which in turn forced a three-way highway to be scaled down to one.

As a result, this caused a heavy traffic jam from the City Cabanas area to Mlolongo for hours.

On Wednesday, the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) cautioned motorists of a traffic snarl-up along the road (CBD bound) at Mlolongo saying that the cause of traffic has been caused by a stalled trailer truck.

‘As interventions are being made to clear the troubled section, we urge motorists to exercise patience and lane discipline for a smooth flow of traffic.”

On Monday, motorists using a section of Mombasa Road spent almost seven hours at a stretch between City Cabanas and Mlolongo, same with Tuesday, with the evening showers also not helping the situation.

Worse, police say a sewerage system burst along Manyanja Road affecting traffic flow on Outer Ring that links to snaked to Mombasa Road and Jogoo Road.

Frustrated drivers have been venting their anger after spending hours overnight in the traffic.

“At Hilton Gardens, Mombasa Road outbound at 00:30am. Mainly because of a 50m narrow stretch with potholes and uneven road surfaces, yet contractor is on-site,” tweeted Charlie Owino.

“Once again the Chinese contractor has decided to close sections of the Expressway at Hilton hotel, throwing motorists on Mombasa Road outbound back to the narrow service lane,” added one Gor Atemah.

Last week, Kenha cautioned commuters, motorists, and other road users to brace for snarl-up and congestions.

One of the areas that have faced traffic disruptions recently is General Motors (GM) due to multiple diversions created in the area.

At the moment, contractors are constructing a road that will link the GM area to the Nairobi Expressway.

The authority also said that Mlolongo area will also experience traffic congestion owing to the erection of a new pedestrian footbridge.

Those seeking to join Mombasa Road from areas around Syokimau and other adjacent areas were also warned of the disruption after access to the service lane was blocked.

te partnership for 30 years.

Mr Kenyatta hailed the expressway as a key infrastructure project, noting that the highway is bound to reduce the traffic gridlock that people have experienced and that has added to the cost of doing business in the country.