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Kenyan businessman launches Amsha Mama Festival after serving jail term

Just weeks after being released from Tanzanian jail, Kenyan businessman and music mogul Joe Kariuki has relaunched his Amsha Mama Initiative Festival.

The initiative, which was launched back in December 2015, is a program that seeks to empower women by organizing business workshops and exhibitions.

During the launch that took place in Naivasha, Joe announced that his company Candy and Candy had partnered with Palsunite Capital Ltd, a registered microfinance organization, to offer low interest loans to address financial challenges that the women, especially the small income earners, face.

The initiative will culminate in a mega convention concert dubbed ‘Amsha Mama Festival’ that is set for September this year in Naivasha where several artistes will take on stage to entertain as women showcase business and crafts.

“Candy and Candy is back bigger than before. We rekindling the Amsha Mama Initiative that had been dormant due to the fact that I was incarceration,” Kariuki said.


Kariuki was released from a Tanzanian jail last month after he won an appeal against a seven year sentence in a case he was accused of defrauding a businessman.

The sentence was overturned for lack of evidence. He had served a year and seven by the time of his release.

Kariuki claims he was framed by the said businessman in a deal gone sour.

Kariuki made his name in the Kenyan music industry when he started the Candy and Candy Music label that closed down shops after three years due to poor returns.

Candy and Candy Ltd then switched to events and other business ventures including real estates.