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Kenyan celebrities on the spot for clout chasing

Kenyan celebrities have in the recent past faced accusations of clout chasing for selfish gains.

Here are some examples:

1. Eric Omondi – He’s probably the most notorious. The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa he recently admitted an expansive house he’d earlier claimed to own was not his. He clarified to hiring the house, believed to be worth Sh141 million for his Wife Material reality show.

Not done, Omondi also claimed he had put one of the contestants in the show in the family way. The announcement proved costly, leading to an argument with his baby mama Jacque Maribe. He would later confirm he settled on that piece of fake news as a way of promoting her upcoming song.

2. Sarah Kabu – Hers is the most recent case. The prominent businesswoman recently shared with whoever would care to listen that she had parted ways with her husband. Not done, she shamed her husband Simon, accusing him of infidelity among other vices.

“How can you be forced to be in a toxic marriage because we are couple goals and to protect our business and its dependents at the cost of my life?”  Only for the businesswoman to recant her story a few days later and publicly ask for forgiveness from her husband. Critics suggest she made up these claims in a bid to raise the profile of her tour firm.

3. Mulamwah – Born David Oyando, Mulamwah paraded a woman he claimed was her new lover immediately after announcing he’d part ways with his baby mama, namely Carrol Sonnie.

“Don’t be too quick to judge neither me, Carrol nor Ruth for our actions and choices maybe one day it will all unfold open and you’ll get the clear picture of what really transpired, it’s not easy to just step out without solid reasons, we could no longer sacrifice our peace and live in pretense for your happiness,” he explained. Fast forward, the comedian clarified he’d never dated Ruth while welcoming her to Mulamwah entertainment. “Btw we never dated and we don’t intend to. It was misunderstood.” And recently, he questioned the paternity of his son before – you guessed it – releasing a track. Later, he attempted to reach out to his baby mama for an apology. All that in less than six months.

4. Willy Paul – In February 2021, the Toto hitmaker conceded most of the drama associated with musicians just before they launch albums is artificial. “Hello fam, more music fewer scandals. Btw (by the way) some of the scandals you see out there… ni sisi wasanii utengeneza (we are the ones who create it) but this year expect nothing but good music,” he wrote.

5. Diana and Bahati – Before Bahati released his song Mtaachana Tu which features his wife Diana, the two love birds took their fans on a ride with a fake breakup. Claims of clout chasing would be followed after Bahati reportedly gifted her with a car and house.