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Kenyan man facing deportation from Australia for indecent sexual act

A Kenyan-born man is facing faces deportation from Australia after pleading guilty to charges of indecent treatment of an under-aged child.

Salesa Casali, 27, who works as a fruit picker, was charged with masturbating inside Bundaberg IGA in Queensland and then in front of the young girl in separate incidents four days apart last year, according to News Mail.

He also pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act in public as well as trespassing after he gained unauthorized entry into a woman’s house on April 10, 2016 where he was found sleeping in her bed.

The owner of the house arrived only to find Casali in her bed and after yelling for him to leave, he escaped through a bathroom window.

In June of last year, Casali was seen masturbating inside a Bundaberg IGA supermarket in Queensland and four days later he was arrested and charged with masturbating in front of an eight years old girl.


Crown prosecutor Melissa Wilson condemned his actions as extremely inappropriate.

“It was a deliberate act. He had shown sexual interest in the child,” she said.

Casali was sentenced to 325 days in jail for the indecent act which was backdated to last July when he committed the act which essentially serves as time already served.

Having spent 325 days in custody already, Casali was technically sentenced to time served.

The Crown Court believed this was appropriate as being enough time served because he would be deported on his release.

The offender, who was born in Kenya but was adopted by Italian parents and grew up in Venice, Italy, is being held in jail until he is deported from Australia.