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CITY GIRL: Forget online bullies, Jimmy Gait. Raise up and sing again

The other day, I watched gospel musician Jimmy Gait crying on television because he was overwhelmed by all the cyber bullying directed at him.

For those readers who do not understand what cyber bullying is, let me explain. Cyber bullying, simply put, is where social media users single out an individual, taunt them and subject them to insults and uncanny jokes because of something they did.

Cyber bullying is basically bullying, but on the Internet. Some would call it “trolling”.

So why was Jimmy Gait cyber bullied?

Lately I have seen the light, so I will be a little nicer to the musician. In a massive misfire and in a desperate bid to keep up with the online masses, once released a song christened “Hello”, a rather awkward cover for a very popular song by Adele.

When Adele released the song, struggling musicians were tripping over themselves to do their own version of the song — also called a ‘cover’ — in attempt to boost their careers.


Jimmy Gait had a very smart idea of gospelising Adele’s song and the result was a disaster. I listened to the song. It was a cacophony of poor vocals and off key screeches.

Since then, Jimmy Gait has been the butt of many jokes. There have been endless memes (jokes) about him. Oh… my favourite Jimmy Gait joke was one directed to incumbent Kiambu governor where Gait supposedly wrote a song titled Mbinguni hakuna Waititu.

Jokes aside. I found Gait’s charade on television quite childish. First, I don’t like men who cry in public. Those who do are weak and incapable of handling strong emotions. Gait, in a hopeless attempt to get back into the good graces of Kenyans on social media, made tearful remarks about how “one song…. (sob, sniff…) one song…” made him the most hated gospel musician regardless of what side of the Sahara or Limpopo one is on.

I have this to say to him: Man up, Jimmy Gait.

You are the author of your own misfortunes and you did something regrettable.

You used the social media euphoria to advance your gospel music career and now it is time to harvest whatever you planted. You deserve every one of the memes the bullying because you crossed a line.


You showed the social media users that you do not respect your career enough to keep it off the social media gutters. You lowered yourself to the social media trends, flirted with the endearing folly of the Internet and now you have become a victim of your own quest for fame.

You walked into the citadel of the social media bullies and taunted them and they grabbed the opportunity to bully you with the enthusiasm previously reserved for lifebelts on the Titanic.

You were a fame-hungry young man masquerading as a gospel musician and now Kenyans on social media are giving you a taste of your own medicine.

Isn’t this what you always wanted, fame on and offline? So why are you sobbing? Pick your harvest and walk!

A gospel musician of your caliber should have known better than ride on the social media train to boost their career. You are a gospel musician for God’s sake, not an upcoming socialite who feeds off social media ecstasy.

Yours is a public life of example, a salt-of-the-earth, and light-of-the-world lifestyle that should be emulated by the legion of fans that you command.


Enough of the tough love.

Jimmy, I know I have been a little tough on you but I have a word of advice for you. Take a deep breath, wipe your tears and stop crying.

Listen. All is not lost. Your career is not over until the Lord says so! You have long and fruitful years ahead of you. The only thing standing between you and your success is the choices you make.

Go back to the drawing board. Be the Jimmy you were before the social media kerfuffle. I used to love your song, Tiga ni Ngai ningepatwa na muhadhara… You captured the imagination of Kenyans and you had the sterling reputation of releasing hit after hit.

What happened to that young man that used to top the charts? I know. Look in the mirror, Jimmy. He is still there, waiting to be unchained. The immensely talented young man is waiting for your shenanigans to stop.

Forget the social media bullies. They are just losers with an internet connection. Use the stones they throw at you to build a new foundation for the bright gospel career ahead of you.

Lastly, don’t worry about me too.

Mbinguni hakuna City Girl. True story.