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Kenyan environmentalist Elizabeth Wathuti joins global water economics commission

Trailblazing environmentalist and climate justice advocate, Elizabeth Wathuti, has landed an appointment as a Commissioner to the esteemed Global Commission on the Economics of Water (GCEW), marking her as the youngest member to join the international body.

The Global Commission on the Economics of Water is dedicated to delving into the economic facets of water management and conservation on a global scale.

Wathuti, the founder of the Green Generation Initiative and a TIME 100 Impact Award winner, now holds a significant position on this influential commission.

Reflecting on her appointment, Wathuti expressed the profound connection between water and various aspects of life, including the environment, climate, nature, communities, and people.

She views this opportunity as a platform to elevate local, ground-level solutions and innovations onto the global stage.

“As I join the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, I’m reminded that water is the essence of life, linking our environment, climate, nature, communities, and people. This appointment is a profound opportunity for me to bring these connections, on-ground locally-led solutions, and innovations to the forefront of global discourse,” she stated.

Highlighting the pressing need for science-driven advocacy, Wathuti aims to champion urgent action for sustainable water management and universal access to safe water.

“I aim to infuse our discussions with a sense of urgency, and human lived experiences, ensuring that our actions today safeguard water for everyone, now and in the future. This is our moment to create a wave of positive change,” she emphasized.

Wathuti, known for her advocacy work in civil society and youth engagement, represents these sectors at the Nairobi Rivers Commission in Kenya.

Her leadership role in the youth engagement mechanism for the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi in September 2023 underscores her commitment to empowering the next generation.

Recently participating in an in-person retreat in Zurich for the Global Commission, Wathuti contributed valuable insights and perspectives that will shape the commission’s upcoming landmark report on a new economic paradigm for water, scheduled for publication in September 2024.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Elizabeth Wathuti earned a spot in TIME magazine’s prestigious 2022 TIME 100 list, acknowledging emerging leaders who are shaping the future across various industries and sectors worldwide.

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