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Kenyan football fans to watch live EPL action in the UK, courtesy of Guinness

Six lucky consumers of Guinness will travel to the United Kingdom to watch their favorite EPL teams courtesy of the Guinness Get Booked promotion.

The promotion dubbed Get booked was launched in October and will run until 18th December 2016 and will be running in more than 5,000 outlets.

“We at Guinness decided to take our love for the game further by providing a special package for six lucky consumers to be in the United Kingdom to watch their favorite players as a way of appreciating their loyalty to the brand,” said Samuel Waswa, Guinness Marketing Manager said during a press briefing.


To participate in the promotion, customers have to buy a bottle of Guinness, check under the crown for a code and then send an SMS with the code to for a chance to win either cash prizes or enter the grand draw for a chance to win a trip to the UK.

The Get Booked promotion will also bring live football action closer to Kenyans by setting up mobile viewing centres where UK football matches will be aired live on large screens in 57 locations in Kenya.

At the same time, Guinness announced they will refurbish four community pitches across the country between November 2016 and June 2017.

The pitches are spaces used by local football clubs or simply fans who come together to play football as a pastime.