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Kenyan man on the verge of being declared deadbeat dad by US court

A Kenyan man who sired a child with an American woman six years ago has allegedly abandoned his parental roles and a court may soon declare him a deadbeat dad.

Kitonga Kananu is accused by a Raquel B of being an absentee father to her child that was born in Waterbury on November 19, 2011.

A court official from Connecticut, US, made the advert notifying Mr Kananu that the woman intends to put the child for adoption.

“A petition has been filed seeking: commitment of minor child(ren) of the above named of vesting of custody and care of said child(ren) of the above named in a lawful, private or public agency or a suitable and worthy person,” read the advert in part.


The advert informs Mr Kananu that a petition that “can affect your parental rights” will be heard on August 1, this year.

The petition will be heard at SCJM, 7 Kendrick Ave., 3rd Fl, Waterbury, CT 06702.

“Therefore, ordered, that notice of the hearing of this petition be given by publishing this order of notice once, immediately upon receipt, in Daily Nation, a newspaper having a circulation in the city of Nairobi, Kenya.

The advert, which appears in today’s Daily Nation, further informs Mr Kananu that should he wish to take part in the proceedings and cannot afford a lawyer, he will be provided with one.

The advert urges him to make the request immediately.