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Kenyan nun caught on camera stocking alcohol goes viral

A curious picture of what looks like catholic nun standing next to a Guiness six-pack at a pay point inside a Kenyan supermarket has gone viral, touching off a heated debate on church and use of alcohol on social media.

Covered in the trademark nun’s white wimple, the middle-aged woman is photographed inside the cubicle which exclusively sell alcoholic products.

Her face is not shown in the undated picture.

The cubicles were set up a few years ago after the promulgation of the so-called Mututho laws that sought to bring order in the industry.

The tills are usually customized to accept only alcoholic products bought inside the stall; a shopper with other products has to use two separate tills.

The picture has been shared widely on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, stoking debate on the stand of the Roman Catholic on use of alcohol.


Maurice Otunga said: “This is very normal priest house and sister’s house must always have drinks either for them or for their guests.”

Patrick Obanda Felix Stephens added, “there’s absolutely nothing wrong that you see, but that’s a Catholic Nun, I believe. Catholics do drink, even some Catholic Fathers do drink, but privately, not while wearing holy clothes. She’s in the holy clothes buying alcoholic drinks.”

A Facebook user Awis Nyarkano Kobura was comical saying: “Even Jesus turned water into wine to kill boredom. Wacha sister ajimbambe . Kwanza hiyo Guinness tungeteremsha nyowuoyo.”

Another user Kunta Kinte snitched, revealing: “Nimekunywa pombe na sisters na fathers very many times”, while Benja Onyolo George said: “Stop being naive. I don’t drink but would not post such a picture.., cos wine has countless functions in religion and society, please stop judging her for buying this stuff.”

Milly Owang weighed in: “I saw sister buy beer and other alcohol like vodka at nakumat ukay i laughed and asked her why she was the one to buy why cldnt she sent someone else”, while Nyaboke Ondieki added , “It is not prohibited for them i guess. Once saw them in full gear at a a hotel na meza ilikuwa imechafuliwa.. (sic)”