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Kenyans deliver ‘not guilty’ verdict on corrupt policeman in bribe tape

By CHAD KITUNDU January 21st, 2018 2 min read

Kenyans have passed their verdict on what should be done to the corrupt police officer caught on camera demanding for a bribe from a motorist.

This after Nairobi News posed a question to Kenyans if the decision by the National Police Service to fire the officer is justified.

The response were varied, but most of the respondents passed a ‘not guilty’ verdict on the officer. Here are some of their views:

“No!!, there are many corrupt officials in this government who are still at large, why deal with the small fish while the big fish walks scot free as they continue looting from public coffers. Who looted NYS, who looted from the ministry of health, not forgetting Eurobond?” wrote Raphael Wasilwa.

Muuzu Supu concurred. “No. Na watoto wake watakula nini? He was at work. I don’t see any problem with that. Ka driver hangempa si ingekuwa case ingine. Walielewana na driver akapeana mwenyewe. Hakupigwa ngeta. Only words,” he wrote.

“NO… bribes should be legalized… why punish small fishes while the big ones take billions… if they fire every civil servant who takes bribe… Kenya will hv no functioning government… soo let everyone take as much as he/she can…” commented Fakadi Junior Alabayango.


Policeman caught on tape demanding bribe from motorist to be sacked

Busted! Police officer caught on tape demanding bribe from motorist – VIDEO

Kilos Kangethe was also on the same page; “No No, No, we have the biggest thieves in the government working and been provided with security,let start with them,” he replied, while Jared Meshack Owiny, simply said: “No it’s part of the job,”

“No. In fact the guy was more than polite n the motorist gave the money willingly. N BTW the motorist by now should be in Custody waiting for prosecution for giving out the money,” said one Mwangi Karanja.

But there are also those who felt otherwise.

Abby Brooke said, “I don’t believe some of these comments, should NOT be sacked?? Excuse me? he ASKED for money… When is this ever acceptable?!!”

“The fact that this is even a question proves that not only will corruption never end but that it is also not supposed to,” commented Njeri Wamwea.

“Yes! and the driver should be prosecuted for giving out the bribe….both are guilty….” wrote Faith Muthoni.