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Kenyans ranked most active in Facebook groups in Africa

Kenyans have been ranked the topmost active participants in Facebook groups in African in a survey conducted by the giant social media app in 15 different African countries.

45 percent of those surveyed in Kenya indicated that they were active in groups on a daily basis for multiple hours.

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 is the main reason that has caused many to completely shift online so as to uphold the virus prevention measure of social distancing.

According to the survey, 98 percent of Kenyans reported being able to mobilise support for others during the pandemic through Facebook groups, while 97 percent of Kenyans confirmed that they had received some form of support from Facebook groups.

The support ranged from helping others shop for their groceries during the lockdown, sharing vital information about the pandemic from health authorities and providing financial support to local businesses.

68 percent of Kenyans surveyed also confirmed having received emotional support from groups during the pandemic, and as many as 75 percent of those surveyed said they had given emotional support to others.

88 percent confirmed that the most important group they are part of at the moment operates online and they are willing to continue supporting and engaging with their groups in future.

Similarly, 89% of the respondents also said they appreciate the importance of digital tools in helping their communities thrive during the pandemic.

Facebook currently hosts tens of millions of active communities with more than 1.8 billion people using Facebook Groups globally every month.

More than 10 million Kenyans actively engage in Facebook groups monthly.