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Kenyans roast Rotich for claiming govt has sealed corruption loopholes

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich is under fire for telling the World Bank that Kenya has sealed corruption loopholes and carried out lifestyle audits on all public servants.

Rotich made the claims in a letter to the lender seeking Sh75 billion to fund the Big Four Agenda.

Angry Kenyans are on the minister’s case, questioning why he lied that all public servants had undergone lifestyle audit and that corruption loopholes had been sealed.

In a top online trend, Rotich was called out for “mismanaging the country’s economy”.

His boss President Uhuru Kenyatta was urged to crack the whip and fire him.

“Rotich has managed to take #Kenya back to Nyayo era of World Bank loans and structural adjustment programs. They have undone all the work Kibaki did on our economy and we are now on a free fall! The bulk of the money has been stolen! God help us!” wrote a city marketer Stanley Karanja.

“Somebody tell me, part of the CS Rotich’s job description, was it to push us into more debt? Because, all I see and read in the media, is him constantly and consistently borrowing money. Nothing about fiscal discipline or monetary policy improvements. Someone? Anyone?” lamented city entrepreneur Muendo.

“Rotich was appointed by Uhuru! He is answerable to Uhuru! Let direct the blame where it lies squarely!” one Kings retorted.

“When President Uhuru Kenyatta was finance minister we hardly ever borrowed, we had zero borrowing in Kibaki time except for one Eurobond. He is president now, CS Henry Rotich borrows left right & center like the loan will be repaid through prayers,” Jonah Kiprono stated.

“@WorldBank @WorldBankAfrica kindly note that Kenya CS for treasury #henryrotich is lying about prosecution of corrupt individual and lifestyle audit, this is pure lie. Please @WorldBank we don’t need any loan. Kenya is rich enough to sustain itself,” Lamu Boy pleaded with the lender.

“I don’t know why we blame it on Henry Rotich when it comes to ballooning public debt, instead we should blame his bosses. Uhuru is entertaininig incompetence, poor fiscal mngt corruption as he claims to be a whistleblower on corrupt dealings instead of sucking the corrupt!” Sylvestus Munubi wrote.

“Hello @WorldBank, We heard that Henry Rotich is asking for money from you. We have enough money here. It might be under mattresses of a few individuals, but it’s enough. We urge you to mark that letter as ‘read’ and don’t engage him further. Sincerely, Kenyans,” tweeted Nelima.