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Kenyans stranded in Lebanon to be repatriated

The Kenyan Embassy in Kuwait has assured Kenyans who are stranded in Lebanon that they will soon be repatriated.

The assurance from the embassy, which is accredited to Lebanon, comes after Kenyan women stranded in the country made a desperate plea for help in videos and pictures on social media.

Most of them said they had no work and nowhere to live in Lebanon. They also said they have no cash for air tickets back home.

“We have communicated to the Kenyans to register with the consulate and we are already trying to address their issue. Since resumption of flight 30 Kenyans were facilitated back to Kenya in terms of providing them with the relevant documentation by our honorary consul,” Kenya’s Ambassador to Kuwait Halima Mohamud said.

Amnesty International on Tuesday asked the Lebanese government to facilitate the repatriation of migrant workers who wish to return to their respective countries.

An amateur video making rounds on social media, captured more than 10 Kenyan women crying out to the government to return them back home.

Majority of the women said they are now out of their jobs following the blast which left 160 people dead and more than 1600 injured.