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Keranta on dating fellow celebrity Flaqo and ‘team mafisi’ who still hit on her

Being in the limelight is one thing, dating a fellow celebrity is another altogether. Content creator Winnie Keranta understands this too well.

The 21-year-old who is dating popular online comedian Flaqo Raz aka Mama Otis, she has admitted that the pressure of being a celebrity couple is crazy.

“Sometimes public freedom can be a challenge because doing normal fun stuff, that normal couples do, might end up on the blogs in a manner that wasn’t intended,” Keranta said.

The two celebrities, who went public with their relationship February this year, have been dating for three years now.

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And even though her relationship with Flaqo is now public, she says men still hit on her.

“They still hit on me, those hyenas never tire,” she said.

Since going public, they have acquired a number of online in-laws and critics who always have something to say about their love life.

There are those who are genuinely happy for them and the ‘mtaachana tu’ clique of haters.

Kenyan content creator Winnie Keranta. PHOTO | COURTESY

Keranta said they are well aware of these opinions and as a couple who are mindful of their peace of mind, they have learnt to ignore any negative energy and live their lives the best way they know.

But even then, Keranta has a message to haters who can’t wait to see them breaking up.

“To the keyboard warriors, I say, keep charging your phone and typing like the warriors you are,” she said.

To the young millionaire, an achievement she is proud of, all that matters to her is that she is happy and her union thriving.

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Her secret to a happy relationship?

“Communication and trust is key, also, make your partner your best friend before anything else. Another thing, do not use other peoples relationship as a reference,” she said.

In the course of her career as a content creator, Keranta, who broke into the limelight three years ago, has had so many rumors about her but picks one that left her startled.

“There are a lot of rumors about me. Some never reach me but I once heard people say that I was seeing a white mubaba.”

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