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Kidero impeachment ‘to be pushed to 2017’ as MCAs stay away from chambers

By LILLIAN MUTAVI November 30th, 2016 2 min read

The much-awaited impeachment motion against Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero might be pushed to next year after failing on the second day as all MCAs stayed away from the Wednesday session.

The Nairobi County Assembly members are in Kisumu for inter-county games after which the house is expected to break for Christmas until February next year.

Speaking in his office, the Majority Chief Whip, Jaffer Kassam, said that the Speaker had to attend the session as a procedure since they had not adjourned last week before the start of the games.

Mr Kassam, who was the only MCA during Tuesday session, said that 108 out of the 127 members were in Kisumu despite the fact they were all supposed to be in the lakeside city.

Mr Kassam raised concerns on how the Speaker is expected to raise quorum by Thursday in a bid to adjourn the assembly until next year.


“Ask the Speaker how he will be able to adjourn the assembly until February next year since we do not have members,” said Mr Kassam.

Speaking to Nation, the Nairobi speaker Alex Ole Magelo said that he could not chair today’s sitting since he had police from the crime unit visiting the controversial office spaces.

He, however, said that the motion on the debate of impeachment will not be dispensed as it has not been presented in the assembly due to lack of quorum.

“The motion will not be dispensed; as long as the order paper is moved forward due to lack of quorum it is still valid,” said Mr Magelo.

He added that said that committee of house committee could not meet to change the order paper hence the Speaker moves the Business to the following day until the day it is debated then dispensed in three days.

“Dr Kidero is being advised wrongly. He thinks after tomorrow the motion is done, let him read the Standing Orders. The motion will be in the Order Paper until the MCAs are present to raise quorum,”said Ole Magelo.