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Kidero is my friend, but I still want his Governor job: Sonko

By JOHN NGIRACHU December 9th, 2015 3 min read

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has declared that he will be seeking to unseat Governor Evans Kidero at the elections in 2017 despite the good relationship they have had for the last four months.

The Senator, who seems to have abandoned the wild ways of having messages emblazoned on his head and dressing in loud colours, also said the Sonko Rescue Team will be revived.


“I’m still vying for the governorship of Nairobi. We can be friends but let us emulate the example we have seen in America, where Mc Cain and Obama work together. Hiyo ndio nataka tuone Nairobi. Mimi na governor tutembee pamoja, tufanye maendeleo na tuambie wananchi, ‘Gavana anasimama na mimi nasimama. Kura yenyu ndio itaamua.’ But hiyo haimanishi tutese wananchi juu wote tunasimama,” said Mr Sonko.

(That’s what I want us to have in Nairobi. The governor and I can work together, work for the development of the city and tell voters, ‘The governor and I are seeking the governorship at the next election. You will make your decision by voting.’ But that doesn’t mean we make wananchi suffer because we are both seeking the same seat.)

He spoke to journalists at a press conference in Parliament Wednesday morning.

Mimi na Kidero si maadui, anasimama gavana na mimi nasimama gavana. Tutakutana kwa debe wananchi waamue but kwa sasa, let us be friends, I’ll support him lakini kukiwa na wizi sitanyamza,” he added.

(Kidero and I are not enemies. He is seeking the governorship and I am seeking the governorship. We’ll both be on the ballot and the voters will decide but for now, let us be friends. I’ll support him but if there is theft I will not be silent.)


He said he toned down his criticism of the governor after a request from President Uhuru Kenyatta at this year’s Labour Day celebrations to respect the governor and  a call from his late father

“He said the fight between us affects the people of Nairobi. He said, ‘We have spent two years fighting and there has been no development in Nairobi. What is this that we cannot discuss?’ I told him the only thing we cannot compromise about because people came from Mumias (Sugar Company) and have been perpetrating corruption here. If the governor can address corruption, I can stop fighting him. After that, the governor fought the vice and fired people,” said Mr Sonko.

Mr Sonko said Dr Kidero had played his role effectively when top Nairobi County officers were named in the list of suspects under investigation for corruption that was tabled in Parliament by President Kenyatta in March.


“I will work with Kidero for the betterment of the lives of the people of Nairobi,” said the Senator.

Mr Sonko’s father, Gideon Kioko, died in September. Dr Kidero’s father’s was buried last Monday and the Senator and the governor were at both times united in grief.

The Senator said The Sonko Rescue Team had been grounded because he had been in mourning for three months following his father’s sudden death.

The team has now been registered as a foundation, he added.

Mr Sonko said the team will be providing hearses and transport for weddings because the county government does not provide those services.  The fire-fighting equipment and ambulances will however support the county’s services.

Sijadisband Sonko Rescue Team. I remember I announced it, maybe because I was confused,” he added.

(I have not disbanded the Sonko Rescue Team. I remember I announced its disbandment. Maybe I was confused.)

Mr Sonko said he has since built a monument in memory of his father.