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King Kaka: ‘Dundaing’ pull down from YouTube wasn’t a publicity stunt

By THOMAS MATIKO November 27th, 2018 1 min read

Rapper King Kaka, who is set to release his second studio album Eastlando Royalty has dismissed rumours that he pulled down his hit song Dundaing from YouTube so as to create publicity gearing towards the launch of the album.

Just four days after releasing Dundaing, the first song from his upcoming album, King Kaka explained that the Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) had given him two hours to pull down the song, which they termed as indecent.


The song would then go missing from YouTube, only to return after 24 hours.

“The film board called me and they were like this is violating community guidelines. They asked me to put it on private or they would pull it down and because I didn’t want an argument with them, I did exactly that, put it on private. 24 hours later they called saying it was okay, and that’s how I switched it back to public,” King Kaka explained.

The incident fueled speculations that King Kaka put the song on private intentionally with a claims that KFCB were on his heels.


Some have argued the whole idea was to create publicity for the album launch he has been spending sleepless nights trying to hype it.

But King Kaka has now refuted all these allegations.

“I have heard stories that it is a publicity stunt, but you know the public always talks” he said.