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Kitui county doctors issue 14-day strike notice over labour injustices

Doctors in Kitui County have served a 14-day strike notice, citing what they describe as ‘labour injustices’ that have persisted without resolution.

The notice, issued by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU), states that if the county fails to address their concerns by February 7, 2024, it will withdraw their services.

During a meeting with KMPDU officials, doctors raised a range of challenges, including labor exploitation, career stagnation, and unfulfilled promises.

KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Davji Atellah emphasized that the toll on their well-being, bordering on depression, is undeniable.

“In response, a resolute decision was made, issuing a 14-day strike notice. This powerful stand against labor injustices is a testament to our unwavering commitment. As we navigate towards a better future, solidarity remains our anchor,” Atellah stated.

The meeting, attended by key union officials, focused on chronic issues affecting doctors’ work performance.

Deputy Secretary General Dr. Dennis Miskellah, National Deputy Chairperson Dr. Kahura Mundia, and Lower Eastern branch officials led by Dr. Charles Okumu, Dr. Edwin Muriithi, Dr. Edward Kamolo, and CLO Dr. Khamis Suleiman were present.

Doctors shared harrowing experiences of labor exploitation, including enduring years of staff shortages and suffering from burnout.

They also expressed concerns about years of career stagnation, demotivation due to stalled job growth promotions, and denial of postgraduate study leaves.

The county government administration’s empty promises and rhetoric over the years were highlighted as additional points of contention.

“We must admit that the plan to frustrate and mistreat doctors to the brink of depression can no longer be taken as business as usual and it must be put to a halt. The 2017 CBA, Employment Act, and all labor laws must be adhered to,” Dr. Atellah emphasized.

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