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Kivutha Kibwana stands trial over ‘corruption’ and it’s hilarious

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana was on Monday subjected to an online trial over his recent projects in the county.

Kenyans online slapped the governor with satirical charges on his development record.

A Kenyan started the hilarious trial session by listing down the governor’s charges on failing to inflate the cost of the project and failing to ask for a kickback.

The Makueni county government recently opened a mother and child hospital that was built and equipped at a cost of Sh135 million.

The Kivutha online trial lit up the internet with users adding other ‘charges’.

Joachim Mwongela added; “?? he shamelessly forgot it’s his time to loot.”

Gathoni commented; “The original sin was ACTUALLY building a hospital.”

David Owino stated; “In fact, he’s guilty of promising and delivering. How can he be unfair to fellow politicians?”

Zaina Koech added; “How dare he launch such a hospital while others are still issuing statements?! Pure PR he should know people!”

An account @Tumechanuka tweeted; “And you publicly declared the total cost, even went as far as correct the media when they inflated the cost by 25m SMH ?”

Joji Oundo stated; “Guilty as charged! How dare he deliver on his promises? Damn! He is a disgrace to the Looting Brigade!”