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KMPDU condemns Nairobi county for terminating young doctors’ contracts

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) have raised their voices against the Nairobi county leadership, accusing them of subjecting doctors to unjust labour practices.

The controversy ensued after the Governor Johnson Sakaja-led administration opted not to renew contracts for young doctors employed on a temporary basis beyond February.

In a recent meeting between the heartbroken young medics and KMPDU Secretary-General Davji Atellah, the doctors expressed their dismay and sought answers for the abrupt termination of their services.

“Why don’t they want us? What have we done wrong? Why do our diligence, hard work, commitment, and sacrifice not count at all?” questioned the medics.

Atellah, addressing the gathering, asserted the need to scrutinize the HR processes undertaken by county governments, especially Nairobi County.

He alleged that the interview processes were a facade, claiming that county officials were engaged in corrupt practices, collecting bribes, and demanding sexual favours from desperate colleagues.

Atellah warned that, if necessary, KMPDU might resort to industrial action to rectify the situation.

“We are fully aware that we may have to employ our ‘broad-spectrum antibiotic’ that is industrial action to cure this mess once and for all!” said Atellah.

The KMPDU boss pledged unwavering support against employers engaging in unfair labour practices.

He highlighted various issues, including failure to remit third-party deductions, double taxation of clinics owned by doctors, and private hospitals underpaying and overworking medical professionals.

Expressing frustration, Atellah announced a collective resolution among the attendees to take a strong stance.

“We shall shut down all health services in this city if the employers want to treat doctors like slaves as they profit from their sweat and blood. They either treat us with dignity or face the wrath of a unified force of doctors, conscious of their plight and continued exploitation.”

Atellah emphasized that Kenyan doctors refuse to beg for decent work and dignity, asserting that labour rights are fundamental human rights.