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Knut boss Sossion disowns ‘leaked’ Sh1 million payslip

The big man behind the ongoing teacher’s strike is latest victim of cyber bullying with social media users posting an alleged copy of his payslip showing that he earns nearly Sh1 million a month.

The December 2014 pay slip which went viral on Twitter.
The December 2014 pay slip which went viral on Twitter.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary general Wilson Sossion on Monday was forced to react to claims that he earns a lot of money instead of fighting for the teachers’ interests.

A purported December 2014 pay slip, which went viral on Twitter, claimed Mr Sossion earns a basic pay of Sh940,000 with no allowances.


He responded to a statement by a user on the payslip, saying it was fake and aimed at turning teachers against the secretary general.

“@OleMarucha Thank you for pointing out the very obvious truth,” Mr Sossion tweeted.

The user, @OleMarucha, had tweeted the image of the alleged payslip stating, “This is not genuine. It has many obvious errors. Propagandists aim to star teachers emotions against @sossionsgKNUT.”

The net pay captured in the said payslip was Sh663,608 after PAYE, NSSF and NHIF contributions have been deducted.


Twitter users had mixed reactions to the payslip, with some dismissing it while others claimed it was genuine.

A user @KinyanBoy tweeted: “Thought Kenyans are smart people how can a GENUINE payslip miss allowances, taxes, loans, mortgages etc.. #Sossion.”

But @mainneli_ tweeted: “Let me send Mama that Sossion payslip just to piss her off Hahahaha.. Show them what their liberator earns.”

The strike entered into its second week Monday as teachers stayed out of classrooms while their unions and the government are set to appear at the industrial court on Wednesday over the matter.