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KOT lash out at ‘greedy’ MPs amid bribe claims

Kenyans on Twitter are livid following claims that Members of Parliament were bribed to shoot down a report that indicted two cabinet secretaries in the importation of contaminated sugar scandal.

Parliament rejected the report last week that had been prepared by a joint committee on grounds that the team ignored its terms of reference and did not take into consideration witness statements.

KOT bashed the MPs for taking bribes, while others told Kenyans to reap the fruits from the leaders they elected.

Here is a sample of their tweets.

@WinnieKabintie tweeted; “But why are you all acting surprised that #HouseOfPigs took bribes of a mere 10k to shoot down the sugar report while some of you SOLD YOUR VOTES for sh 100 and free bus ride to Nrb while 36 bloggers took home a few 1,000s #VoiceIT.”

@Kipezer said; “These #Mpigs and the entire #HouseOfPigs are trading our health for cheap bribes to fuel their tumbocratic Agendas. We’re DOOMED!”

@wangari_gaitho wrote; “Millions of shillings changed hands as shadowy figures sought to influence the debate so that some top government officials implicated by the report could be let off the hook. #HouseOfPigs.”

@Railajunior said; “It’s a big shame for mps to get bribed and shoot down a very important report. No other parliament has behaved in such a manner. We should recall this #HouseOfPigs and vote in sober leaders. Seems it’s will take ages to achieve the Big4 if these are the characters.”

@lwalubengo commented; “This government is just giving me the chills… #HouseOfPigs does this mean we will get serious at the ballot next elections? Ama we’ll just keep playing around with our lives?”

@Syombuak said; “Is your MP in the list of shame!! People killing the county for only Ksh.10,000. Name and shame them, time to fight the corrupt, get rid of the ROT, time to IMPEACH THE MPIGS.”

@PolycarpHinga wrote; “Sugar cartels offering a 10k bribe our MPs is an outright insult, but then our MPs gleefully bent over and took it. #HouseOfPigs.”

@Aquaprentise said; “Kenyan MPs have been in the news for driving sinister agenda and being mouthpieces for unknown sponsors at the costs of the K